Covid-19 Safety

One terrific thing about Geronimo is that it is completely outdoors (open air), so it’s very easy to social distance. Our staff wear masks at all times when in proximity of guests, such as when checking in or harnessing up. Guests should wear masks at those times as well. Once you get up in the trees, the Skytrails are self-guided, so you can go at your own pace and never need to be close to anyone from any other group. (So for example if someone from another group is on a platform in front of you, you would just wait until they leave before you cross the bridge or zip to that platform). Our staff are generally on the ground below to offer any assistance if needed.

We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the park, though once you start your adventure you will be wearing gloves. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we do not reuse gloves between participants. Everyone needs to bring gloves from home or purchase new from Geronimo ($6 pair).

What's "Geronimo"?

It seems like a pretty random thing to yell when jumping from a bridge, cliff, or plane, but it’s actually a tradition of military paratroopers. But how did paratroopers come up with it?

It dates all the way back to the origin of paratroopers. In 1940, the Army was still developing the strategy of dropping troops out of planes. On the eve of the first test jump, soldiers from from Fort Benning started a night of drinking with a viewing of a wild west movie — likely the 1939 film “Geronimo” starring Andy Devine and Chief Thundercloud.

After the movie, Pvt. Aubrey Eberhardt boasted that he wasn’t scared of the jump, despite being the tallest man in the unit. This caused his fellow soldiers to call him out on his bragging, saying he would forget his name at the door, as the troops were supposed to shout their name when they jumped.

Everyone in their jump group successfully jumped — all the soldiers remembered their names and shouted them as they made their jumps. The 6’8″ Eberhardt did them one better — when his turn at the door came, he shouted “Geronimo!” — and a high flying, brave new tradition was born.


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