Geronimo Adventure Park Questions/Answers

Do we need to fill out a waiver and book online, or can we just show up at the park and do paperwork and purchase tickets there?

We highly encourage guests to fill out their waivers before coming to the park so they don’t have to spend valuable play time filling it out once they arrive!

We also encourage guests to book their adventures online ahead of time so that we can reserve their desired timeslot, since we do occasionally reach capacity. Booking ahead is ideal because it enables the Geronimo staff to have all the needed gear prepared and ready to go for your adventure! However, we certainly welcome walk-ins and will do our best to accommodate them as quickly as possible!

Is there a weight limit?

Following is the weight limit for each Skytrail zipline:

  • Go Easy: 275 Lbs
  • Go High: 250 Lbs
  • Go Long: 275 Lbs

Is there an age limit?

It’s not an age question as much as a size question! In order to complete the courses independently, participants need to be able to reach up to about 6 feet high, and weight at least 70 lbs.

What Covid-19 precautions are in place?

One terrific thing about Geronimo is that it is completely outdoors (open air), so it’s very easy to social distance. Our staff wear masks at all times when in proximity of guests, such as when checking in or harnessing up. Guests should wear masks at those times as well. Once you get up in the trees, the Skytrails are self-guided, so you can go at your own pace and never need to be close to anyone from any other group. (So for example if someone from another group is on a platform in front of you, you would just wait until they leave before you cross the bridge or zip to that platform). Our staff are generally on the ground below to offer any assistance if needed.

We have hand sanitizer stations throughout the park, though once you start your adventure you will be wearing gloves. Due to COVID-19 precautions, we do not reuse gloves between participants. Everyone needs to bring gloves from home or purchase new from Geronimo ($6 pair).

Some in our family are not ziplining (and just want to play while we zip)—how do we handle?

For non-zipping members in group, you can purchase Go-Play (our grounds pass).
Go Play is automatically included for all Zipline Skytrail passes.
Click to see what activities are included in Go Play.

For all Geronimo activities, click to see pricing and what’s included.
If your group is six or more, you may consider scheduling a Group-Party.

What number of guests is considered a "group" and are there group rates?

Groups of six or more can schedule a Group-Party.

Click link to check out our types of Groups:

  • Parties – for parties such as, birthday, bachelor/ette, reunions, and sports teams
  • Team Building – for corporate groups and team building
  • Non-Profit – for non-profit events such as, school, scouting, church, and youth religious
  • Special Events – rent entire facility for events such as, retreats, conferences, weddings, and family reunions

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes we offer 10% military discount. Enter code “MILITARY” at checkout and please bring your military ID when you come for your adventure.

Do Skytrail ziplines include ground pass?

Whether you purchase a Skytrail Zipline Pass for one, two or three skytrails, a grounds pass (Go Play) is included.

For all Geronimo activities, please click to see pricing and what’s included.

If I only purchase one or two skytrails, can I choose which ones to do?

Your first skytrail needs to be Go Easy unless you have completed Go Easy within the last 90 days. If you purchase a second skytrail, you can choose between Go High or Go Long, or you can even do Go Easy again!

Are you hiring?

Please check our Jobs listing page.


6749 Farm to Market 2920, Spring, TX 77379

Geronimo is located at the end of Lee Road (near U-Haul).

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