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At Geronimo Adventure Park, whether adventuring on our challenge courses, ziplining through the trees, ascending our rock wall, or throwing axes, we want you to know that your safety is of the utmost importance to us! Although there is inherent risk in outdoor adventure activities, a lot can be done to minimize that risk. Here’s what we do to put your safety first!


It all starts with great, well-cared-for equipment! Our guest equipment has been carefully selected and is considered the best in the industry. It’s also been endorsed by an industry-certified third party for use at our park.

Our aerial courses and equipment undergo a comprehensive inspection and maintenance regimen in accordance with standards set forth by the governing body of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology). Geronimo Adventure Park has been an active member of the ACCT, and other affiliations, since its creation, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of safety practices.

All of our courses, equipment, and PPE are inspected annually by a certified 3rd party. We also conduct daily, monthly and quarterly inspections of our course and equipment in-house. Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (including harnesses, tethers, trolleys, and the like) is inspected prior to each use as well as periodically.

Our zipline courses use a state-of-the-art belay system that provides a continuous connection between you and the course. You don’t need to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting your lifeline tethers (or forgetting to!) as your traverse. This ensures the best guest experience while minimizing the risk of an accident!

To offer the most protective environment for our guests, we also require the use of helmets and gloves on our ziplines courses. This minimizes the risk of bumps to the head and pinch points (or splinters) on the hands. Surprisingly, some other parks do not require these two key pieces of safety gear, which can lead to head or hand injuries. Make sure to watch for these safety practices at any park that you may consider visiting!

Staff Preparation and Training

Our day-to-day operations are closely monitored by experienced supervisors, and all new staff members go through an extensive screening and training program to prepare them to support you as you challenge yourself in the treetops and on the grounds! We also continuously assess risks, implement new mitigations where necessary, and regularly perform refresher training to ensure our veteran staff are always well-prepared to assist our guests throughout their adventures.

First Aid

We always have staff members present at the park during operating hours who are trained and certified in first aid, CPR, and AED usage (which we have on site). We maintain a comprehensive first aid kit at the park that includes everything from bandages to analgesic medicines, to topical medications and beyond.

Guest Training and Support

Many zipline parks are similar to an amusement park ride where an employee straps a customer in on one end of a zipline and sends them off dangling from the line as a passive participant until they reach the other side and wait for the next employee to move them along –  but NOT at Geronimo Adventure Park!

At Geronimo you are an active participant in the experience! We are primarily a “self-guided” experiential park, so you are truly immersed in the experience and moving at your own pace, with staff strategically positioned around the park, ready to help if needed.

Guests are fully geared up and inspected by trained staff. After donning the harness and learning about your equipment, you will attend “Ground School” where you will learn how to use the equipment and practice using it at ground level before you go up in the trees! This entire process is supervised by our staff, and it’s a great time to ask any questions and let our guides help build your confidence for the upcoming adventure!

Geronimo Adventure Park is a “challenge by choice” environment. Our staff are available to help coach you through the various challenges you choose, but we won’t force you to do anything you aren’t ready to do!

Axe, Knife, Ninja Star, and Dart Throwing

Our throwing facilities were designed according to WATL (World Axe Throwing League) standards. We’ve also added other safety features to maximize the experience, such as additional wire mesh between lanes and ranges, softwood targets to maximize blade sticking and to reduce bounce-back, and use of wood mulch under the targets, which also helps avoid bounce-back.

Need to learn, technique, tips and games? Your experience at Geronimo includes guidance from well-trained, dedicated hosts that we call “Axe-perts”. They will teach you how to throw, give technique tips and tricks, and go through safety protocols. Other places may charge extra for this personal attention, but it is included at no cost for all Geronimo guests!

Want to turn it up a notch and get competitive with your group? Our Axe-perts will facilitate games and awesome friendly (or fierce) competition! And, if you are a well-seasoned thrower, you are certainly free to play and throw on your own.

We’re Here for You!

When you come to Geronimo, you can feel confident that you are in good hands. A big shout out to our amazing staff who will prioritize your safety while helping you have fun and make awesome memories! Just check out our reviews on Google!